Welcome to The Kuwaiti Students UK Health and Dental Website


Unfortunately due to contracts not being completed in time for the policy renewal date with AXA_PPP, the Medical and Dental Insurance for Kuwaiti Students in the UK has been placed on suspension until renewal has been confirmed by the Health Office.

How will this affect you?

For Kuwaiti Students with a new medical, optical or dental claim, you will no longer be able to authorise these with AXA-PPP and no refunds will be issued until renewal has been confirmed. If you need treatment urgently and cannot self fund or use the NHS, you will need to contact the Kuwait Health Office for advice. We expect that the renewal should go ahead but cannot guarantee this, once the Health Office sign the required contracts AXA-PPP will refund any payments for all eligible claims by students upon proof of payment (please request a copy of the invoice and a receipt if you pay for treatments yourself) If the policy does not renew, we will update the website and you would then need to seek payment direct from the Health Office.

New Registrations

Although the policy is not active, we will still take new registrations for the Medical and Dental Insurances. Please note however that policy numbers will not be issued and no claims can be made and policy documents cannot be issued whilst the policy is on suspension, if you wish to register, please click on the button at the top of this page marked Register and follow the instructions.

Changing your Details

We will also accept amendments to your details during suspension, but revised documents will not be issued until renewal has been confirmed. To amend your details (such as changing your address or adding a spouse or child to your policy), please click on the button at the top of this page marked Login and follow the instructions.

Need Help?

For any questions or assistance, you will now need to contact the Kuwaiti Health Office on 0207 307 1700 as unfortunately we are unable to offer any support regarding new or ongoing claims whilst the policy is on suspension.