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The renewal of the policy which was due to complete on the 1st March 2016 has now been completed with a new start date of the 1st May 2016. This is positive news and means that all eligible bills or receipts for claims that students have held on to during the suspension can now be submitted to AXA-PPP's medical or dental claims teams for processing.

New Registrations & Membership Updates

As the policy is now active you can send new registrations or member updates to support@kuwaiti-students.co.uk as normal and these will be processed.

I have an ongoing claim:

If you have pre-authorised a claim with AXA-PPP and have been provided an authorisation code, please call AXA-PPP to check that this still covers for any outstanding treatments, test or appointments. If you have any treatments, test or appointments booked in but have not yet authorised these with AXA-PPP, you must do this now to ensure that the bills will be paid as not all private treatments are eligible for cover under the policy.

I have paid for my own private treatment and would like a refund:

If you have self-funded treatments, tests or appointments (for Health, Dental or Optical) whilst the policy has been suspended and require reimbursement for these, you will need to send these to the relevant claims team. For Dental claims please call 0800 051 8029 for advice on how to make your claim. For medical claims please call 0800 051 8010 or advice on how to make your claim.

How does this affect you?

Please understand that we anticipate that there will be a high volume of students contacting us and AXA-PPP now that the policy is active and this may cause a delay in response times but we will acknowledge receipt of your emails and will work through the backlog as quickly as we can. For Kuwaiti Students with a new medical, optical or dental claim, you will need to follow the correct claims process again to ensure that your claim is covered and that your bills are paid. Failure to do this now that the policy is re-instated could result in your claim being rejected and your bills being unpaid. All medical claims must start with a GP visit and a call to AXA-PPP to pre-authorise any private appointments, tests or treatment. Please also note that AXA-PPP no longer issue membership cards and all that you need to authorise a claim is your membership number provided in your welcome documentation from AXA-PPP.

We are pleased that an agreement between AXA-PPP and the Kuwait Health Office has now been reached and apologise for any inconvenience caused during these negotiations.
Please note that if you have emailed us during the suspension we will attempt to respond but it would be advisable that you resend your original query if you would like us to deal with this urgently.